Stress at Work

Stress at work is one of the main sources of stress for the majority of human kind. Any of us has had this feeling of having to much work and to little time to do it

We spend at work at least 8 hours per day and this is the best case scenario. There are jobs where guys sit at a desk for more than 15 hours a day. During all this time they have tough deadlines and targets to meet, argue with their bosses, complain to colleagues, get angry with subordinates …

Any of these is an extreme stress generator.

Imagine what a tremendous effect this has on both your mental and physical condition. Unfortunately most people do not realize that this way they destroy their health slowly and persistently, day after day.

Of course there might be a long discussion about it because there is not a simple answer of this question. However, English and Canadian psychologists have made researches with quite interesting outcomes.

A stress scale has been created and a stress rate assigned to more than 180 professions. The stress rate has been determined based on the frequency of heart attacks, divorces, alcohol abuses and traffic accidents of different professionals.

The outcomes?

1. Miners
2. Policeman
3. Building Engineers
4. Journalists
5. Actors
6. Politics Persons
7. Doctors
8. Bus Drivers
9. Farmers
10. Museum clerks

The most stressful profession turned out to be the mining. Miners had a stress rate of 8.5 followed by policeman with 7.9, building engineers with 7.6 and journalists 7.5. After them, however strange it is, came the actors and persons dealing with politics and public affairs. Their rate was 7.1 and is explainable by the fact that those professions involve working with other people, which is a serious psychic burden.

Doctors had a stress rate of 6.6, bus drivers 5,5 and the Farmers 4.9. The profession of museum clerks turned out to be the most calm and easy with a stress rate of only 2.8

Whatever the outcome of this study is the most stressful profession will always be the non enjoyed one. Yes! If you do your job against your will the amounts of stress you will experience because of it will be enormous.

If you want to see how stressed you are you can check the levels of stress you are experiencing at this very moment with the free stress quiz.

The reason I dear to write here is that all my life I have been an employee and have never felt it as a burden to deal with.

The solution is simple: Just find a job you will enjoy doing! Find a job you will feel like contributing to your wellbeing! Find a job which will allow you feel better even if it exhausts you!

I can give you a tip how to find such a job. Just have a look at the next heading. But please bear in mind that it is up to you to do the final step and make it work for you …

When you manage to find such a job, I guarantee you will never ever feel stress at work. I don’t mean you will never have problems at work. Your boss you will have to please will still be there; your colleagues who piss you off every single day will still be there.

However the pleasure of the job itself will be stronger than everything around. The personal satisfaction of seeing things happening the way you expect them to happen and the way they are supposed to happen just because of you being there and doing your job will smash the negative effect of tension and stress.

Wait a minute! Since it is so simple why so few people manage to find such kind of jobs?!? The answer is again simple: Because few people know exactly what they really want and manage to formulate it in a clear and explicit way.

For instance most people just say:I want a better job; I want a more interesting job; I want a more exciting job; I want a more inspiring job… Some of them don’t even say: I want a higher salary!!!

To make things happen you have to be specific to the biggest detail.

Imagine it!
Believe in it!
Formulate it!

It will work! Believe me, I have lived every single word you have just read. Find out why our words are one of the major keys to defeat stress here.

f you are fed up with your current job you need a CHANGE. An immediate and urgent change.

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Cooperation with colleagues is not always that easy especially if it comes to deal with your boss who is a complete idiot, huh? However, dealing with people smoothly is a key prerequisite to reduce by times the daily levels of stress at work we experience.

Let’s focus on your boss. Think about it! The main source of stress at work is stemming from the disagreements (manifested or not, expected or not) you have with your boss. It is a kind of normal – he is the person your future career depends on and winning his respect is crucial for your survival.

But how to eliminate this source of stress at work?

Find out some useful strategies to deal with the stress your boss creates

The non-contributors are colleagues who live their live just for the sake of living it. They are an unbelievable source of stress because usually they don’t share the team’s goals and by their actions most often destroy rather than contribute to the success of the company.

Unfortunately the responsibility is mutual. If the project fails or even the company bankrupts we can not say that only the non-contributors have failed. Everybody fails together with them.

Those guys become a source of stress at work for the diligent employees namely because the others have to assume their responsibilities if they want to eventually succeed. Apparently it is not fair.

Find out how to reduce the stress stemming from the non-contributors actions

Those guys are a really funny type of people. Most often they just look for compassion, which is equal to attention.

Compassion is a good thing because sometimes we face really difficult problems and need some help to deal with them; we need a person next to us to pay attention, to support us, to feel the same as we do, to understand and try to find out a solution next to us.

Where does the stress at work come from?Every time those guys complain to a sincerely compassioning person, they transfer part of their load to him. This person has to deal with it somehow, which means extra stress for him; it is an additional effort because he has first to listen and understand the problems and second, ha has to cooperate and help.

The bad thing is that the guys I call the complainers become addicted to this kind of behavior just because it is the easier way. They are not non-contributors yet, because they do their best in their work. The problem with them is that most often they just overreact being afraid that they will be accused of inability to cope with their own tasks; and start pointing out numerous reasons about the possible bad outcomes such as:

  • The boss being stupid making the whole team doing non sense activities
  • Other colleagues being not intelligent enough to cooperate effectively
  • Bad planning not allowing them to finalize completely the project on time
  • Being not paid well enough for the efforts they do

Unfortunately this is a burden for everybody around just because they overdo it.

Find out how to deal with the stress the complainers create

You can not imagine what a tremendous effect the work environment has on the way you feel at work. Starting from the way you arrange your desk and ending up with the color of the walls – any single detail contributes to the way we perceive our office.

Of course you are not able to influence personally all of the details but it is worth making an effort to avoid the huge stress effects of small things like:

  • Blinking, too bright/poor or mixed lights
  • Too strong or unpleasant smells
  • Persistent slight noises
  • Untidy desk
  • Uncomfortable chair
  • Noisy colleagues
  • Too loud or repeated sounds
  • Inappropriate temperature
  • Currents of air

Find out how to manage the working environment in order to reduce stress at work

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