Managing Stress Strategy

Managing Stress Steps? Here They Are:

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The Key to Effectively Manage Stress

Managing stress is not an as easy task as it seems. The steps described above may look simple and providing an easy solution but please do not underestimate the severity of the problem.

Stress is intrinsic to the life we live and it accumulates if not relieved. It may cause devastating effects on our health if not addressed timely.

Why is it so difficult to relieve it? Stress is caused by the way living organisms react to change. Since our world is created in a way that the only constant in it is change you can easily see that we are doomed to experience stress in our daily round. The difficulty in relieving it comes from the fact that it constantly accumulates again and again.

The key to effectively manage stress is to incorporate working stress management techniques in our daily routines as a counter reaction to the stressors.

Please stop here and pay specific attention to what you have just read. The steps are not complicated. The key is to make them part of your daily routines as a response to the stressors, which are already part of your daily round. This way the accumulating effect will be interrupted.

Before further proceeding with the strategy itself please dedicate a bit of attention if it is really worth the efforts to get rid of stress completely.


There are so many sources in the net, which address the problem of managing stress. Unfortunately most of them treat only the effects stress has already caused to us: headaches, backaches, stomach aches, constipation, anger ….; the recommended therapies ease them only for a short period of time until you are again in a position to get crazy just because of the chewing gum bubbling of the teenager next to you.

This is really not the point. This is a reactive behavior: we have the bad effects stress has caused and then only we try to ease the pain.

The strategy is designed to address the basic causes of stress and this way to eliminate the negative effects of stress at their embryo stage. It encourages you to act proactively, which will eventually result in managing stress in the long run.

Acting proactively means making the steps part of our daily routines. This will guarantee a 100% effective protection against stressors.

Will it work for you?

The short answer is: Yes, it will.

The only variable is time. How long it will take you making the stress management secrets work for you depends primarily on how well you can relax. The paths to good relaxation are different. Some of them are short and steep while others are long and sloping.

Irrelevant which one you choose it always boils down to mind work. Calming down your mind and bringing back the forgotten unconscious programs for self restoration.

What is the best way to relax?

The short answer is: the state of coherence

This is the state of half asleep half awaken mind. In this state you are able to find the perfect balance where the resistance of your body to any external or internal force is minimal. This means that the state of coherence is the best power saving mode. The mode which helps you relax and restore in the most efficient way. It is the foundation of the managing stress strategy as it helps you restore your energies.




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